The Ynnel Song

By Boyne

There once was a coconut Big as could be Hanging on a really tall Coconut tree He was shipped to the US Then to Walmart And a lonely boy named Jack Put the coconut in his cart The reason he took it is 'cause He knew another nut named Lenny So he bought this one For two bucks and 48 pennies He named the coconut Ynnel And he loved Ynnel so He'd take Ynnel Everywhere he'd go Then one day Jack brought him To a camp, UPBC Ynnel loved it more than His coconut tree Then for no reason Jack got a rock that was round And he tore and cut Ynnel And his juice poured on the ground They brought him to court And there he was tried There they discussed How Ynnel died "Is the defendant guilty?" The judge asked the jury As they decided Jack began to worry Jack decided to run He bolted out the door This convinced the judge All the more Everyone agreed His crime was filthy The verdict was in He was guilty Everybody mourned Weeks afterward It was the saddest story Ever heard