People That Shouldn't Have Phones

By Boyne & Aurora

The other day I got a call The ringtone was some creepy guy singin' But just as I rushed over to my phone It decided to quit ringin' My phone said I had a missed call From my friend, his name was Mater So I called him right back But it went to voicemail, and said to call later WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER THE STUPID PHONE?? I literally called you five seconds later It makes me wanna feed you to A really hungry alligator Another time that exact same friend Texted me fifty times, asked if I was there I obviously wasn't around But the obviously didn't care My last story's about another friend His name was Larry We were having a friendly conversation about Things that are scary I asked him a question about ghosts Then he ghosted me It made me want to Tie him to a really tall tree These people shouldn't have phones It's making me go insane They're just causing everyone A whole lot of pain